John Wernham often said
“There is only one way to go and that is forwards.”

The JWCCO team is determined to continue doing just that,
carrying on his legacy – “business as usual”!

A message from the Master himself:
“Today marks the end of school life and the beginning of a new career in Classical Osteopathy. You will find it rewarding, challenging and exhausting. But, please remember that you have the power to heal in your fingers and the blessing of the many famous men and women who have given their services for the preservation of the great concept bequeathed to us from A. T. Still and J. M. Littlejohn”. (Extract from a Graduation Speech)

“The underlying principle as applied to Osteopathy
is expressed in the word
John Martin Littlejohn – “Principles 1907”

“There is only one
and that only way is
through the process of
John Wernham

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