Children’s Health & Classical Osteopathy

It has been said that every bride should visit an osteopath for the preparation of the greatest event in married life.  Entry into this world is always dramatic and sometimes hazardous.  Many of the problems that attend the birth process result from the gestation period.  For example, the breech presentation is an insoluble problem in normal terms and delivery is only possible by means of the operation and extraction via the abdominal wall.

During the time the child is carried within the womb, the foetus must have room to move and this is only possible if the bones that form the pelvic girdle are free to move. If this is not the case, then the presentation is disturbed.

Clearly, then, we must see to it that the pelvis is free and the baby free to move.  Your osteopath will make the necessary adjustment and there will be no surgical intervention.

In addition, the trials of pregnancy can be much relieved with the aid of osteopathic care.  Morning sickness can be avoided if all the body structures are mobile.  In fact, the fears and discomfort of child bearing can be entirely removed if the fundamental good health is established and if there is a minor difficulty in the delivery room, the osteopathic control of this rhythmic process can be invaluable.

The birth process is a matter of gentle propulsion.  If traction is employed during delivery the spine is often disturbed and the most common reaction is a distressed child and sleepless nights, a condition usually called colic.

Adjustment to the spine will speedily restore the digestive apparatus to the normal and both parent and child can share a good night’s sleep.

This highlights the two most common conditions that make a ‘happy event’ a sad and painful affair but relief is at hand, quite literally.

John Wernham
June 2002