Advanced Techniques for Pelvic Adjustment


Authors:  John Wernham
Pages: 22
ISBN: 978-1-909052-06-2
Language: English



Dr. J. M. Littlejohn’s TWO-MAN TECHNIQUE
The initial position is similar to that employed by Hoover and Fryette. The sacro-iliac articulation is a unit of movement in the pelvic ring, and it is suggested that adjustment is only possible when the entire ring is treated similarly and simultaneously, on both sides. For this purpose the double hold is applied to the articulation on both sides at the same time.  The lumbar region is flexed and made rigid to act as a lever on the sacrum as the pelvis is supported and the sacrum turned between the ilia.  The ilia are grasped by the hands, operating with the wrists, and with the thumbs over the superior borders, thus providing a triple force on each side to produce pelvic rotation.


  • The Two-Man Technique  – J. M. Littlejohn
  • Correction to the Innominate
  • The Four-Man Technique
  • The Left Leg Tug

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