Andrew Taylor Still – 1828–1917


Author: Carol Trowbridge
Pages: 234
ISBN: 978-1-1931112-78-9
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Andrew Taylor Still

lost confidence and hope in the medical therapies of his day after three of his children died of meningitis in 1864. He became obsessed with finding the cause and the cure for the disease. Still developed a philosophy of osteopathy that was holistic, naturalistic and emphasised health rather than disease. He shunned drugs and used a manipulative therapy designed to release the healing powers of nature. After years of thought, study and experimentation, Still opened The American School of Osteopathy in 1892 in Kirksville, Missouri, far removed from the medical centres of traditional medicine. Author Carole Trowbridge tells us about Still’s family, the communities he lived in, and events that shaped him. She helps us understand the eccentric medical pioneer who was never fully accepted by his peers, but who’s holistic methods are now considered the cutting edge of medicine today. He leaves a legacy of patient-centred care that impacts patients and providers around the world.


  • Illustrations
  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface

Part 1 – A Family Journey

  • Chapter I         Sons of Thunder
  • Chapter 2        A Howling Wilderness
  • Chapter 3        Kansas

Part 2 – the journey of  andrew taylor still

  • Chapter 4        A New Beginning
  • Chapter 5        A New Science
  • Chapter 6        The Old Doctor
  • Appendix
  • Selected Biography
  • Index

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