Applied Anatomy


Author: Dr Marion Clark
Illustrated: Yes
Pages: 640
ISBN: 978-1-909052-04-8
Language: English



Clark’s Applied Anatomy was well known to the former generations of osteopaths for whom it was a standard text. Written by an osteopath for osteopaths it highlights those aspects of the human anatomy that are of greater importance in our clinical practice.

First published in 1906, the book, now more than 100 years old, was quite unknown to British osteopaths. Therefore it was considered that the time had come to repair this omission in our teaching programme and prepare a new edition of this most valuable work and was first published in 1986 by the Maidstone College of Osteopathy.  This is now exhausted and a third edition is hereby published.

The third edition, as was its predecessor, is dedicated to all those early pioneers who have laboured in the establishment of Osteopathy and who built the foundations upon which our present development is sustained.

John Wernham
January 2007


  • Preface–introduction–the atlas–the axis–third cervical–the fourth cervical–the fifth cervical–the sixth cervical
    the seventh cervical–the region of the neck–the thoracic vertebrae–the first thoracic–the second thoracic
    the third thoracic–the fourth thoracic–the fifth thoracic–the sixth thoracic–the seventh thoracic–the eighth thoracic
    the ninth thoracic–the tenth thoracic–the eleventh thoracic–the twelfth thoracic–the first lumbar
    the second lumbarthe third lumbar–the fourth lumbar–the fifth lumbar–the innominate–the sacrum
    the back as a region–the spinal cord–the ribs–the first rib–the second rib–the third rib–the fourth rib
    the fifth rib–the sixth rib–the seventh rib–the eighth rib–the ninth rib–the tenth rib–the eleventh rib
    the twelfth rib–the thorax–movements of the ribs–the abdomen–the temporo-maxillary articulation
    the hyoid bone–the sterno-clavicular articulation–the acromio-clavicular–the shoulder joint
    the elbowthe wrist–he hand–the upper extremity as a region–the hip joint–the knee joint–the ankle-joint
    the lower extremity as a region–the cranial nerves–the olfactory–the optic nerve–the third–the fourth
    the fifth–the sixth–the seventh– the eighth–the ninth–the tenth–the spinal accessory–the hypoglossus
    the brain–the medulla oblongata–cerebellum–the eye–the ear–the nose–the mouth––the pharynx
    the larynx-thyroid gland–the trachea–the bronchi–the lungs–the heart–the stomach–the liver
    the pancreas–the spleen–the small intestine–the large intestine–the kidneys–the bladder–the supra
    renal capsules–the ovaries–the testes–the spermatic cord–the vesicle seminalis–the prostate gland
    the uterus–the external genitalia–the mammae

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