Body Mechanics in Health and Disease


Author: J. E. Goldthwait
Pages: 215
ISBN: 978-1-909052-38-3
Language: English



  • The Problem of Chronic Medicine
  • Body Types
    • The Intermediate Type–Slender and Stocky Types–Differentiation of Types–Postural Differences
    •  Differences in Physiologic Processes–susceptibility to Disease–Anatomic and Functional Features
  • Body Mechanics
    •  General Considerations–The Bones–The Chest–The Diaphragm–The Abdominal Viscera
  • Developmental Deformities
    • The Head–The Thorax–The Spine–The Extremities
  • Backache and Other Spinal Strains
    • Backache–Other Spinal Strains
  •  The Circulatory System
    • The Heart and Diaphragm–The Vascular System
  • Angina Pectoris and Postural Emphysema Related to Obesity – William J. Kerr FACP
  • Diseases of the Abdominal Viscera
    • Position of the Organs and Vessels–The Diaphragm–The Liver-The Pancreas–The Spleen
    • The Stomach–The Duodenum–The Small Intestine–The Caecum–The Kidneys–The Pelvis
  • Illustrative Cases with Visceral Disturbances
    • Case 1–Apparent Diabetes Mellitus in a Child.
    • Case 2–Diabetes Mellitus in an Elderly Woman with Gangrene of the Foot.
    • Case 3–Cyclic Vomiting, Congenital Visceroptosis, Imperfect Poise, Malnutrition.
    • Case 4–Abdominal Pain, Floating Kidney, Appendicitis, Postoperative Adhesions, Backache, Congenital Visceroptosis.
    • Case 5–Chronic Backache, Visceroptosis, Gastric Ulcer, Gall Bladder Disease.
    • Case 6–Chronic Backache, Myocarditis, Hypothyroidism, Subnormal Temperature, Visceroptosis.
    • Case 7–Chronic Backache, Intercostal Neuralgia, Gastric Ulcer, Extreme Visceroptosis, Malnutrition, Carcinoma, Peripheral Circulatory Disturbances
  • Diseases of the Nervous System
    • Changes in Structure–Circulatory Disturbance–Venous Drainage–Divisions of the Nervous
    • System–Vegetative Nervous System–Illustrative Cases: Multiple Sclerosis with Extreme Disability
    •  Multiple Sclerosis with Diplopia; Very Faulty Body Mechanics, Multiple Sclerosis
    • Faulty Body Mechanics With Slowly Increasing Disability, Muscular Atrophy
  • Chronic Arthritis
    • Causes–Treatment–Atrophic (Rheumatoid, Proliferative) Arthritis–Hypertrophic Arthritis
    • Illustrative Cases:  Atrophic Arthritis, Still’s Disease; Atrophic Arthritis in Childhood, Atrophic Arthritis with
      Psoriasis, Atrophic Arthritis with Subcoracoid Bursitis, Hypertrophic Arthritis of Spine, Hips, and Knees, with
      Visceroptosis, Osteitis Deformans (Paget’s Disease), Osteitis Deformans
  • Treatment
    • General Considerations–Supports and Braces–Muscle Re–Education–Exercises
  • The Foot
    • General Consideration–Shoes–Exercises
  • Public Health Aspects of Body Mechanics

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