Dr J. M Littlejohn’s Lectures on Applied Anatomy


Author: John Wernham
Pages: 68
ISBN: 978-1-909052-22-2
Language: English



“The transcription from the lecture room to the printed page is difficult.  Any attempt to reproduce the intimacy of the spoken word to the reader from the silent book can only result in a conglomerate of repetition and the most unfortunate juxtaposition of uncontrolled sentences and ‘asides’ that, to say the least, make for difficult reading.  The only solution to this dilemma is one of compromise between a mere verbatim record and a total reconstruction with some omissions and with some alteration in presentation where the meaning is obscure.

“However, in spite of this daunting prospect every effort has been made to preserve the great truths that are enshrined in the old manuscripts and to restore, to some extent at least, the atmosphere of the earlier years of academic osteopathy, without creating an excess of fatigue for the modern student.

“The lectures are reproduced as they were given between 1930 and 1934, a period which may be most properly regarded as the apotheosis of a life devoted to learning, to research and to the development of osteopathic philosophy and practice. In these Lecture Notes we have bequeathed to us a coverage of osteopathic investigation into the problems of health and disease that is profound, erudite and unique in content and presentation.

“Inevitably, there are errors of syntax and the student is asked to be lenient in criticism and remember that these pages represent a lecture room and not a textbook.”

John Wernham
Maidstone 2004

Dr. J. M. Littlejohn’s Lecture Notes are held in the John Wernham College of Classical Osteopathy Archive, Maidstone (UK). John Wernham was a student of Dr. Littlejohn and devoted his life to practising, teaching and promulgating his work.


  • Applied Anatomy
  • Mechanics of the Spine
  • The Arches of the Spin
  •  The Third Arch
  • The Fourth Arch
  • The Function of the Arches
  • Posture and Examination
  • Examination of the Spine
  • The Spinal Nerves
  • The Cervical Spine
  • The Sympathetic Nervous System
  • Middle Cervical Ganglion
  • The Inferior Cervical Ganglion
  • The Dorsal Sympathetic Ganglia
  • The Constitution of the S.N.S.
  • The 5th Cranial Nerve
  • The 10th Cranial Nerve
  • Great Sciatic Nerve
  • The Chain
  • The Plexuses
  • Dorsal Part of Ganglionated Cord
  • Lumbar Part of Sympathetic Chain
  • Pelvic Part of Ganglionated Cord
  • Sympathetic Plexuses
  • Sub-Divisions of the Pelvic Plexus
  • Centres in the Spine and Brain
  •  The Great Spinal Centres

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