DVD The Osteopathic Technique & Philosophy of John Wernham


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JOHN WERNHAM sat at the feet of J M Littlejohn in his student days from which foundation our present day Classical Osteopathy has become established.  The research, practice and teaching over more than half a century have more than vindicated the greater concept and value of the Principles and Technique as they were laid down by A T Still and J M Littlejohn, in spite of much criticism from other disciplines.

Our system of treatment and clinical approach to the patient is unique and has survived the crucible of time without hesitation throughout the twentieth century. Firmly based, as it is, on the natural processes and structure of the body and provided we observe natural law, there is every reason to believe that Still’s great discovery and its elaboration by Littlejohn will live for another century and thereafter.


  1. John Wernham – A Brief Biography
  2. An Introduction to Classical Osteopathy
  3. Body Adjustment – The Examination and the General Treatment
  4. Discussion
  5. Cervical Technique
  6. Pelvic Adjustment
  7. Maidstone Oscillatory Technique
  8. 2nd Dorsal Correction
  9. John Wernham and his mentor, J M Littlejohn, including a Brief Biography of Littlejohn

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