Mechanics of the Spine and Pelvis


Author: John Wernham
Illustrated: Yes

ISBN: 978-1-909052-13-0
Languages: English, Spanish



This present study in the Mechanics of the Spine and Pelvis is based on some original research carried out by Dr. J. M. Littlejohn about the year 1900.  The text has been prepared from Lecture Notes delivered at the British School of Osteopathy in 1934.  The diagrams illustrating the text were produced by John Wernham and T. E. Hall in  1955.

The human body is not a machine; it is a living, and highly sensitive organism.  None-the-less, it is subject to the laws of gravity and if the mechanical aspect of our physiological life does not receive its proper and due acknowledgement, and if adequate clinical procedures are not adopted, then the ultimate break-down in the body unity will become inevitable.

John Wernham DO FCO
Maidstone 1955

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