The Littlejohn Lectures Volume 1


Edited By: John Wernham
Pages: 229
ISBN: 978-1-909052-21-5
Language: English

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  • Osteopathy in General
  • The Body Adjustment
  • The Nervous Diseases
    • Encephalitis–Paralysis Agitans–Arterio-Sclerosis–General Paralysis of the Insane–Myaesthenia
    • Gravis–Causes of Nervous Diseases–General Treatment–Epilepsy–Grand Mal–Petit Mal
    • Jacksonian Type–Mental or Physic–Status Epilepticus–Tetany–Neurosis–Paroxysmal Headache
    •  Neurasthenia–Hysteria–Reynaud’s Disease–Thermal Neurosis–Sterilit
  •  Brain Diseases
    • Meningeal Disturbance–Meningitis–Insomnia–Diseases of the Cerebrum–Oedema of the Brain
    • Encephalitis–Cerebral Tumours–Hydrocephalus–Cerebral Haemorrhage–Embolism–Aphasia
    • Vertigo–Alcoholism
  • Diseases of the Spinal Cord
    • Hyperaemia of the Cord–Anterior Poliomyelitis–Acute Ascending Myelitis–Syringo-Myelia–Spinal
    • Tumours–Bulbar Paralysis–Spinal Degenerations–Spastic Paraplegia–Paralysis–The Theory of the
    • Lesion in Paralysis–Ataxia–Hereditary Ataxia–Locomotor Ataxia
  • Diseases of the Nerves
    • Neuritis–Sciatic Neuritis–Neuralgia
  • The Spinal Nerves
  •  The Cranial Nerves
    • First Cranial Nerve–Second Cranial Nerve-Third Cranial Nerve–Fourth Cranial Nerve
    • Fifth Cranial Nerve–Sixth Cranial Nerve–Seventh Cranial Nerve–Eighth Cranial Nerve
    • Ninth Cranial Nerve–Tenth Cranial Nerve–Twelfth Cranial Nerve
  • Treatment of Cranial Nerve Conditions
  • The Phrenic Nerve
  • Toxicosis
    • Anti-Toxicity–The Bioplasmic Cell–Dynamization on the Bioplasmic Plane–The Pathology of Toxicosis
  • Tumours
    • The Tumour–A Case Report–Diet in Tumours–The Treatment of Cancerous Conditions
  • Acidity
  • Dyspepsia
  • Dietetics
  • Flatulence
  • The Lymphatics
  • The Cerebro–Spinal Fluid

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