The Littlejohn Lectures Volume 2 (Temporarily Out Of Print)


Edited By: John Martin Littlejohn
Pages: 96
ISBN: 978-1-909052-25-3
Language: English

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John Wernham was an osteopath for over 70 years until his demise on 9th February 2007, three months short of his 100th birthday. during this time he studied, lectured and practiced in accordance with Dr. Littlejohns’s teaching and, in addition, produced a considerable library of osteopathic texts dealing with the Principles, Technique and Practice as they were laid down by Dr. Littlejohn.

He firmly believed in the importance of “preserving the great truths that are enshrined in the old manuscripts” and that “in these lecture-notes we have bequeathed a coverage of osteopathic investigation into the problems of health and disease that is profound, erudite and unique in content presentation”.

Following in this tradition started by John Wernham, the second volume of The Littlejohn Lectures is now presented by the John Wernham College of Classical Osteopathy.


  • Osteopathy in Line of Apostolic Succession with Medicine
    • The Climax of all Medical History
    • Fundamental Principles of Osteopathy
    • Osteopathic Therapeutics Set Forth
    • Old Principles Applied by New Methods
    • This School in Lineal Descent from Hippocrates
    • Osteopathy Entitled to Constitutional Protection
    • This Practice Rightly Considered is Medicine
    • The School to be Rated by its Individual Exponents
    • Commencement Exercises of the February Class
    • Dr. Still’s Address
  • Cancer
    • Chart of the Osteopathic Centres.
    • The Fundamental Physiological Principles Underlying this Abnormal Growth and its Development
    • The Aetiology of Cancer
    • Pathology
    • Intoxication
    • Treatment
    • Surgery in Cancer
    • Case Reports
    • The Proximate Principles
    • Head’s Law
  • The Lymphatics

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