The Philosophy and Mechanics of Osteopathy 


Author: John Wernham
Pages: 40
ISBN: 978-1-909052-62-8
Language: English



The lecture contained in this booklet was delivered at the request of the French Osteopathic Association to mark the opening of their inaugural meeting.  The twin subjects of Philosophy and Mechanics were selected by the membership for the purpose of obtaining a reliable basis for the development of osteopathy in France.

Conflict of opinion that is not always well informed; the inroads of other systems, and methods, of healing, and even simulated osteopathy by the uneducated, have already served to disrupt the fundamentals of osteopathic practice, and to reduce its true clinical potential to a manipulative level that is unworthy of the Principles laid down for us by Still and Littlejohn.

The growth of osteopathic practice on the continent of Europe is gaining momentum and it is vital to our common interests in England and France that our teaching in osteopathy is not tainted by false doctrine, or lost in a welter of academic prowess that finds little place in osteopathic thinking, and does nothing to help the patient.

If there is any value in osteopathy then let us see to it that it is preserved in its true light and not in some dim reflection of its original presentation.  Properly interpreted and administered, the twin factors of osteopathic science and the art of practice together represent the most powerful weapon known in our medical armoury.

Maidstone,  John Wernham, March 1980

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