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The aims and objectives of the Osteopathic Institute of Applied Technique are laid down in its Constitution and have been fully described in the Year Book for 1956.  In the preparation of the first publication of its kind in this country, it was considered appropriate to place on record some of the fundamentals of osteopathic teaching and to this end a large proportion of the space available was devoted to the development, mechanics and physiological movements of the spine.  In addition the volume contained an introduction to the general theory of osteopathy, together with several contributions on certain aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of the low back and pelvis.

In presenting this Year Book for 1957 a somewhat similar programme has been prepared.  In response to the wide interest aroused by the new presentation of the Applied Mechanics of the Spine, a second article dealing with the mechanics of the vertebral and sacro-iliac articulations has been prepared.  The low back and pelvis is again a subject for discussion and pictorial demonstration.

It has often been remarked in osteopathic circles that much of the pioneer work of the earlier practitioners has fallen into disuse and is in danger of becoming lost.  Whether it is always a good thing that older methods should give way to more modern ideas and techniques is open to question.  Undoubtedly much progress has been made and continues to be made in osteopathy, but it is equally true that the records of the past contain much valuable material which is not generally or easily available and it is with this point of view in mind that a review of the Research and Practice of A. T. Still is included in this present issue.  In the technique section the methods more commonly in vogue a generation ago, in the diagnosis and treatment of the pelvis, are contrasted with some of the most modern forms of technique as described by Schwab, Fryette and others.

The importance of the vaso-motor system in osteopathic practice is fully explained in an extract from the writings of our late Dean, John Martin Littlejohn.  New features are represented by an article on the osteopathic care of children contributed by a specialist in pediatrics, and an introduction to certain aspects of cranial technique, which has been prepared and illustrated by one of our American colleagues.

Although contributors are expected to conform to the general principles of osteopathy, a free exchange of opinion is encouraged.  Therefore, the individual interpretation of these principles does not necessarily represent the viewpoint of the Institute.

The lecture “Trends in Modern Medicine” given by I. H. Mills at the Postgraduate Course for 1956 under the auspices of the British School of Osteopathy is printed here by kind permission of the author and the Board of Governors.  It contains much valuable information on some of the new antibiotics and stresses the important role which is played by Natural Therapeutics in the treatment of disease.

The Institute is a forum which provides a means for lecturing, active debate and clinical demonstration and it is in this way that technical problems can be solved and the fundamentals of osteopathy preserved and consolidated.

The Year Book is intended to be a medium in which the views of all those members of the profession who wish to perpetuate and develop the Principles, Technique and Practice of Osteopathy, may be represented.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation is once more extended to all those members whose co-operation and support throughout the year have made this publication possible.

John Wernham
January 1957


  • Introduction to Dr. A. T. Still’s “Research & Practice” – Jocelyn Proby
  • The Vaso-Motor System – J. Martin Littlejohn
  • Introduction to Cranial Technique – Helen Emilie Jackson
  • The Articular Mechanics of the Spine – John Wernham
  • Mechanics of Lesion Diagnosis in the Pelvis – T. Edward Hall
  • Lumbar and Pelvic Technique – John Wernham
  • Two-Man Technique –T. Edward Hall
  • The Osteopathic Treatment of Children – Muriel Dunning
  • Trends in Modern Medicine – I. H. Mills

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