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In this third issue of the Year Book we are once more indebted to Mr. Jocelyn Proby for the opening article.  The many problems related to the pelvis have been thoroughly ventilated at several of our meetings during the past two years and it is fitting that this difficult subject should be summarised at this stage.  It is not suggested that these investigations are complete. New lecturers with fresh ideas are now preparing an even closer analysis of the mechanics of the pelvis, and it is felt that only in this way will the neglect of this important and fundamental aspect of osteopathy be brought out into the light.

It is the policy of the Institute to tackle controversial subjects and for this year the theories concerning the Primary Short Lower Extremity were explored and argued by two very able contestants and debated by all the members.  Both lectures are printed as they were given and the main points of the discussion summarised.  Also, we are once again privileged to record two widely differing viewpoints from the medical and osteopathic schools of thought on the etiology and treatment of migraine, by permission of the Governors of the British School of Osteopathy, from lectures delivered at the Post Graduate Course for 1957.

One of the most stimulating lecture/demonstrations of the year was that on the treatment of acute bronchitis given by Mr. Willis Haycock.  The illustrations are reproduced from photographs taken at the meeting.  The great field of acute disease presents a tremendous challenge to the general practise of osteopathy, and we hope in the future to publish at least one article each year on this aspect of osteopathic therapeutics.

The non-osteopathic lecture given at the Institute this year marks the introduction of our first lay speaker and a new subject.  Mr. J. E. Hosking is an experienced farmer and a Founder-Member of the Soil Association. We look forward to further contributions from this source.

Like its predecessors this volume represents the work of a number of individuals, and the Institute cannot be held responsible for the opinions expressed.  With two exceptions all the contributors are publishing for the first time on behalf of the Institute, and the Editors wish to extend a warm welcome to these new authors and lecturers, and to thank them for their support.
It is worth recording that, in three years the membership of the Institute has more than doubled, and that the sales of the Year Books already published have steadily increased.

We look with confidence to the future.

John Wernham, President
Maidstone, January 1958

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