Year Book 1966


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The material chosen for publication in this issue of the Year Book covers a wide range of subjects which fall loosely into the three groups of applied technique, osteopathic fundamentals-and political controversy.  This last section is a new departure in the history of the Institute but it was considered that the present condition of the profession is so confused and unstable that the time had come to make some sort of investigation and attempt to discover why it is that we are losing ground and why it is that we have to suffer from the effects of such bitter dissension between certain contending parties.

A number of the lectures have been reproduced as they were given in an effort to capture the atmosphere of the lecture room and translate this into the static medium of the printed page. This applies to the demonstration of the elbow technique, the case report of the treatment of the foot and, more particularly, to the lecture on the fevers by J. M. Littlejohn which retains all the time honoured idiom of our late Dean and Founder.

The programme committee wish to acknowledge with gratitude the assistance given in the preparation of the lectures and for permission to reprint portions of notes and articles from the work of past authors. Although it is inevitable that the theories and techniques described will not be acceptable to all osteopathic practitioners, there is some evidence that the Year Book provides a stimulant to those far removed from any academic contacts, encourages the student and serves to keep alive the spirit of enquiry.

It must be said that the views expressed are those of the individuals concerned and that the Institute cannot be held in any way responsible for the statements and criticisms printed herein.

John Wernham
July 1966


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